The game is conceptually very simple; there is a wheel divided into 37 sectors ( 38 in American roulette) that spins and a ball that is thrown by the croupier in the opposite direction to the rotation of the wheel that will go to position in one of the corresponding boxes the number on the wheel. You have to guess where the ball will stop.

The sectors are numbered from 0 to 36 ( in the American version, however, in addition to zero there is a double zero ), in which the zero is green, and the other numbers are arranged along with the wheel alternately in red and black, in an uncluttered but fixed way.

The game in roulette is completely random, no real skill is required, and therefore it is a real game of chance. Roulette is available in all live casinos, both in the French and American versions.

Types Of Roulette

  • There are several types of roulette, the following can easily be found online:

  • Dollarpean Roulette: has only one 0 and a further 36 numbers;

  • American Roulette: has a 0 and a second zero (00);

  • French roulette: has only one 0, differs from; Dollarpean roulette for some special bets;

  • Roulette Royale: has only one 0, the game differs in the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot.

Better To Play Online Or Offline Roulette?

In terms of the probability of winning and losing nothing changes playing online or in real casinos. The differences are all found in the game environment.

A real casino with a real table, the croupiers, the other players playing, from a very different feeling compared to an online or live webcam roulette. The ancillary services that a real casino gives you must also be compared to the comfort of your own home or friends.

To say whether it is better to play in one or the other is a subjective matter. Also, take into account the gasoline that is saved from going physically, if nearby. Compared to VLT, there is no comparison, better in real casinos or online.

In This Case, Online Roulette Could Be Better.

Traditional casinos are the ones that give the best gaming experience, but we can understand that, for some, they are inaccessible by distance. Again, playing online is the best solution.

If you live near a real casino and don’t weigh $ 10/30 of gasoline, maybe you want to have an evening with friends and eat out. In this case, the real casino is the best choice.

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